Thursday, October 30, 2008

KYA KAHOON(Hindi poem)

Mere kavitaaoon ko lekar, aasmaan mein udd jaana
barish kee boondon mein ghull karr, dhartee pe phir gir jaana

Dharte mein ek beej millega, mill karr ussko battla
"baahar duniya bahut matalabi, soch-samagjh baahar aana"

Ey mere aawaz tu jaana, chataanon se takkrana
Waheen ghaatiyon-phoolon ke pehloo mein tum soo jaana..


Closing my eyes I asked to Thee,
Why there's this darkness, this vanity...?
Speechless and thoughtless, I lay here..
feeling sad in this jocund company .

Lost in these thoughts I went asleep
'n' woke-up with the door-bell beep
here comes one more pal I had
face having smiles, 'n' bulls buried deep

This emptiness, so profound
with not a giggle 'n' any jolly sound ..
leaves me wondering who we are
Again I lay here alone 'n' astound.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

KATHPUTALI(Hindi poem)

Sone kee kathputali(puppet) hai- chaande kee dor(strings)
Na jaane kisske hanth mein hain doroon ke chor(ends)

Aate hai kathputali aur oothta hai shoor
naache hai kathputalee jaisse banbaa mein mor
haaye re kathputali, haaye-haaye re dor

girrte hai kathputali, phir uthatee hai dor
na karrte kuch kathputali, sabb karaatee hai dor
na jaane kisske haanth mein hain doroon ke chor.

Sone kee kathputali(puppet) hai- chaande kee dor
Na jaane kisske hanth mein hain doroon ke chor


Samay kee tej dhaar pe machalta chala gaya
main khud hee appne aap ko challta chala gaya

Kabhee kisse raah parr koi milla nahi
Aankhein kissee yaar ke liye taras gayein
Kabhee bhare bazaar se nikallta chala gaya
Main khud hee appne aap ko challta chala gaya

Samay kee tej dhaar pe machalta chala gaya
main khud hee appne aap ko challta chala gaya

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bhaiya jee

"India is a sovereign nation. Here we have unity in diversity."
Stuff like these were taught to us when we were in school. I used to feel so proud to be a citizen of such a great nation. I dreamed of spending my whole life in India, trying to explore it to the fullest.

Now, when I am young enough to understand the things around me, I find that the teachers actually lied to us. India is not what the books say. Where is the unity in diversity? Candidates from north India go to Maharastra for their railways exams and there they find their brothers with their knuckles tight. Then the violence against the Christians, the Hindu-Muslim issues.....
Well, if I leave India aside for a while and look around, I see my college. This place has got students from all parts of the country..but again, the same old story...who goes wrong?, you or is it human nature.

I don't want things to be this way, you don't want the things to be this way then why are the things this way? I am a Hindu and I never ask the ethnicity of a person, while talking to him/her. I am from North-India and I would love to live with people from any part of our country. I love India and want to see it as a beautiful place to live.


(The wide-spread violence all around the world, leaves God in tears)

A drop of dew on a blade of grass
asked me to lay and look across

So I do, what it say
keep staring, dead I lay
I can't find anything there
except the glitter and a glare

the dew now slowly disappears
making me sad and leaving me in tears
A drop slips down my sad face
now the grass-blade holds it with grace

The tear looks same as the dew I saw
'n' before any conclusion I could draw..
I hear the red skies shout from that height
-"God wept his eyes-out all night"...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pursuit of happiness

My pursuit of happiness, made me pursue knowledge
Knowledge dragged me away from the materialism, so profound
and here I am, thinking about my country
The "I" is gone and what I see is a crowd of billions of people and
their journey in their pursuit of happiness.....................


ये मेरी कैसी कविताएँ, कवियें ये आखर सरिताएं
सरिताएं की जिनमें डूब में जाऊं
डूब के इन्में क्या में पाऊँ
अब तुमको कैसे बतलाऊँ
ना पाऊँ में सीप या मोती
मोती के अन्दर जो होती
वो ज्योति ये सरिताएं
ये मेरी कैसी कविताएँ

सरिताओं की धार में आया
आ कर अपना जी बहलाया
पर बोलो सरिताओं ने क्या पाया
न पाई वो सीप या मोती
न पाई वो निर्मल ज्योति
फिर क्यूँ बहतीं ये सरिताएं

ये मेरी कैसी कविताएँ,
कविताएँ ये आखर सरिताएं


When a child gets a balloon, he becomes very happy. He plays with it for some time and then either the balloon bursts or flies away from him. the child starts crying. He feels as if he has lost something.
Now, why does someone develops any sort of attachment to a thing which a property to fly away or to get destroyed, like a balloon? People around us are like balloons and they all will one day fly away. But we still make relationships with them....after all, the child within us is still there.


Stood there, all alone and I was happy
I was exactly what I wanted to be
Someone whispers from behind my shoulders
and asks me to move and lift those heavy boulders
They say that I have got "That" in me
something which great and only they can see

They push me in the battle field
with a sword and a heavy shield
Now I am a warrior and they are happy
but I am not what I wanted to be.....
I am not what I wanted to be....

I was free, with not a single desire
They were the one, who lit the fire
I had to jump in the web of pain
The fire is gone in a single rain

Now I am troubled and am wondering were to go?
There's no one to tell and I don't know
surrounded by these ugly creatures
these haveing deadly features
I'll be stabbed, once I show my back

I am afraid and I am tired
don't know when I'll be fired
give me a hand and pull me out
I need nothing, o' i am sure
my heart was, and is still very pure

Thank you , O' dear CREATOR for your precious gift(life)
but it's now too heavy, and I am unable to lift..
Allow me in, I'm at your door
I would keep my head in your laps...
and finally therein ...I'll collapse


It's me and you here, the only two
There's a task ahead and there's a lot to do
The path ahead is long and a treacherous one
We'll have to walk and sometimes run
We can't wait and have any fun
as, there's a task ahead and there's a lot to be done...

My feet may bleed, as I don't have any shoes
but ii don't have anything..(and thus)
have nothing to loose
A single path lays ahead, none to choose
There's a task ahead and there's a lot to do

I can walk all day and night
all I need is a ray of light
I'll need you , if I loose my sight
the task can't be left undone
so walk by dear chase the sun.......


Your silence is disturbing me
You are hiding something ,I know
and that's all what I can see

Please tell if I ask you
as true friends like me are very few
share your happiness and sorrows too
show your wounds, whatever they may be
Your silence is disturbing me.

You need not walk alone any more
All your wounds, I'll cure
from all your pains, I'll make you free
But still....Your silence is disturbing me...

चल दोबारा ज़िन्दगी से प्यार कर

तू किसी शोख़ का सिंगार कर रख भी दे ये ख़ामोशी उतार कर तीरगी ये पल में टूट जायेगी  चल दोबारा ज़िन्दगी से प्यार कर एक ही नहीं कई शिकायतें ...