Monday, October 27, 2008

Bhaiya jee

"India is a sovereign nation. Here we have unity in diversity."
Stuff like these were taught to us when we were in school. I used to feel so proud to be a citizen of such a great nation. I dreamed of spending my whole life in India, trying to explore it to the fullest.

Now, when I am young enough to understand the things around me, I find that the teachers actually lied to us. India is not what the books say. Where is the unity in diversity? Candidates from north India go to Maharastra for their railways exams and there they find their brothers with their knuckles tight. Then the violence against the Christians, the Hindu-Muslim issues.....
Well, if I leave India aside for a while and look around, I see my college. This place has got students from all parts of the country..but again, the same old story...who goes wrong?, you or is it human nature.

I don't want things to be this way, you don't want the things to be this way then why are the things this way? I am a Hindu and I never ask the ethnicity of a person, while talking to him/her. I am from North-India and I would love to live with people from any part of our country. I love India and want to see it as a beautiful place to live.

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