Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Secret of Blissful life..revealed in The Lotus temple, Delhi

Away from home in college and then away from college in the corporate world, I am going through transitions and amidst these transitions I have seen so many different colors of life. There were times when the desire to go on was no longer there. There were times when the heart was broken the belief system fore shaken and energies lost in contemplation. I never knew where was I headed and was sad to know that I was moving without a heading. There were questions that started with words like ‘what if’ and ‘why should I’. I was weak and constantly looking for help. I had friends but I didn’t want to loose them. I was quiet.
Time kept passing at it’s pace patiently and I kept getting weaker and weaker till one day it so happened that I decided to go to The Lotus temple. The one and half hour metro train journey to the Lotus temple from Gurgaon was no different from the life so far. It was painful, it was full of doubts. I kept asking with every time a gush of passengers filled the train at new stations that why did I decide to go to that temple. But just like life, there is no turning back in a metro. I kept quiet. Sometimes the train would go underground and there would be complete darkness and then it would emerge into light. Life and a metro train are the same I guess.
Finally when I reached Lotus temple and walked bare footed on those stairs leading to the temple hall, something just happened and I felt weightless. The mind was thoughtless. The face could once again experience the wind. The eyes could again notice the birds and the ears could once again hear the chirping of birds. Inside the temple I sat on the marble benches and closed my eyes. I did not sleep. I did not try to meditate. I just went thoughtless! I got the answers to my questions in one single moment and since then my life has become blissful and simple.
Now, let me break then suspense and tell you all good people reading this post patiently, the secret that I mentioned in the title: Stop all inner chattering, your conscience will by itself show you the path and without any effort from your side your body will by itself do what it must do (just like the heart beats to keep you alive. Do not interpret the thoughts that come to your mind. Be quiet and believe in this secret of blissful life for some time and feel the change by yourself. Feel your being. Feel your existence.

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