Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My vision for my nation and its people

I can think of 10 points as of 9th Feb'2011. I know that the points are not new to us, but I feel we are a generation a lot different than that of our forefathers. I have a dying hope to see India as it was (and is) meant to be.

10 point:

1. Agricultural reforms (improvement in farmers' standard of living)

2. Educational reform (let no Indian student look west for higher education)

3. Energy Self Sufficiency (use of wind energy and minimization of power theft)

4. Ecological balance and environment awareness in general public.

5. Internal security (one sixth of India lives in regions having constant conflicts)

6. Women equality

7. Reservation to be on the basis of financial constraints rather than on caste/creed.

8. Politics to be made a desirable profession for those who deserve.

9. Revival of ancient art and culture to save the cultural heritage

10. Reforms in judiciary to make it faster and more efficient.

(above all an understanding of Kartavya in every soul)

Let not just negativity set in every young mind of my mother land. May not every one turn their face to avoid the rotting smell of almost system in our present day India. I believe and I find it a reason worth living for.


P.S.: This is the first article which covers my vision in few consise points. I am busy working out the plan on which I can move on and bring my vision to reality.

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