Monday, July 8, 2013


Note: Self is used interchangeably for soul.

Q.            Am I the body?
001.       The body is just a degradable and dynamic entity on the universe. Just like a stone of today that can be mud tomorrow, the body will lose its form.
Q.            How to understand the meaning of life then?
002.       To understand the meaning of life, come out of the mirage where the body is the self and fellow beings are relatives or strangers according to how they look or speak or identify themselves.
Q.            How should I see my body?
003.       See the body as complete stranger and forget it as piece of straw kept nearby.
Q.            What do I do without my body?
004.       Come towards the self and stay with it in silence.
Q.            What is the nature of self?
005.       No logic, no word, no expression can describe the self. It is everything and yet everything is not even a pinch of it. Leave such thoughts as thoughts are faculty of mind and the mind is a part of the body. Leave the body. Leave the mind. Leave the thoughts. Smile. Forget everything.
Q.            Should I wait for the thoughts to die out?
006.       Do not try to destroy the thoughts. You cannot. Forget the body and stop identifying yourself with it. The thoughts will die out and the face will smile in silence.
Q.            What if past haunts me?
007.       Forget the past, as the past is associated with the body only. The self is not bound with time.
Q.            Will I see God in such silence? How does He look like?
008.       Do not expect unnatural or extra ordinary or divine visions. Do not expect anything. Just forget the body and know from within that the body is not you. The body is just holding you.
Q.            Why do I need to be held?
009.       The body holds you because you are always joyous and want to go around the universe experiencing every bit of it. You want to play in the play ground of your father. There is no other reason. There is no afterlife or previous life for the self, as you were never born and never dead. You chose for yourself what and where you want to be in the universe.
Q.            What Should I do in this life?
010.       Enjoy.
Q.            How?
011.       Be with the self and glide through this plain of life always knowing that the body is just holding you. It is not you.
Q.            Is the purpose of life to know the self and seek salvation?
012.       The self is already absolved of all papa-punya as the self was never involved in any karma.  There is nothing like salvation. There is no purpose of life other than the desire of the self to come to the life plain through a body. The self is always content and joyous.
Q.            Why then there is misery?
013.       Because very few men know the self. Men give names to their kids and the kids grow up with an identity which they find impossible to lose even for a moment and see the self in true sense. They become slave of their identity and a slave many a times ends up as a miserably tiered poor person.
Q.            So life is to be lived with joy and jest?
014.       Yes. Laugh, smile, play, work with a detachment for the karma falam, don’t get involved in anything and yet be there. Become a father and yet know that neither the son nor you yourself are the body.
Q.            What kind of living will that be! I am scared and dismayed!
015.       Come back to your body then. Switch the identity. Become a father and a son the way the body says things are. But keep trying to return to the self. This is the spiritual exercise you must keep practicing till you achieve the wisdom that opens the gates of all knowledge and truth.
Q.            And what is that?
016.       It is the understanding that there are few things that are beyond the faculties of the mind to perceive but by steadfast faith and love one can connect to the divine which lies within and without.
Q.            How do you know you are not wrong? What if you are wrong?
017.       What is right can very much be wrong. What is wrong can very much be right. The importance of right and wrong ceases when we transcend the mind. Beyond the confines of the mind, there is only bliss and light.
Q.            If the mind is so bad, why the self enters the body that cannot function without the mind?
018.       The mind is not bad or good. The mind is a slave, who will make food for you if you ask it. But the same slave can kill you and consume you if you become its slave. Enslave your mind do not lose yourself to it. Use it for survival, for seeking excellence in the life plain, seek direction from the self. Create something. Savour it. Destroy it. Remake. And still know that you are not the creator, destroyer or the maker of anything.
Q.            Its all enigmatic utterance of a mystic. Its no knowledge. It does not answer anything. What should I do?

019.       Wait with me. Let the truth unravel itself. It will have to.

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