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अब चला नहीं जाता

एक सब कुछ भुला देनी वाली सांझ मेरे घर की दहलीज पर आ बैठी...

मैं छज्जे के नीचे बैठा, पाँव पसारे ढलती सांझ के सिमटे फैलाव और आसमान के धीरे धीरे सिंदूरी से स्याह होते महोत्सव में
अपने भीतर के एक एक स्वप्न, एक एक संगी-साथी, एक एक शब्दों को धुँवा होते महसूस करता रहा

सोचता रहा कि दिन भर के समारोह के महान समापन पर कैसे साथ की सभी कुर्सियां खाली हो जाती हैं
और साथ के सभी श्रोता कहाँ चले जाते हैं

भूल जाना कितना आसान होता है
बस एक साँझ ढलते सूरज संग डूबती साँसों को गिनना भर तो होता है

स्वयं को अपने अस्तित्व की छणभंगुरता पर कितना भरोसा होता है कभी कभी

पर अब अकेले चला नहीं जाता


The Ideology Nurtured by Aam Aadmi

Kejriwal's coming to power in New Delhi without use of money and muscle power or exploiting caste, creed and religious fault lines of our society, has been widely hailed as the begining of a reformative era in Indian politics. What remains a little less talked about amidst all the clamors and voices here and there, is probably what is going to be the new ideological base of the upcoming parties in India?

For sure, Congess and BJP along with regional parties and other national parties are going to stay in the power arena of politics in the present century, but a new current that has started to flow from Delhi is bound to descend to the low laying plains of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and go down south towards the oceans in the years to come, and while the river of change sweeps through the nation it will widen, twist and turn, become muddier, at places it will dry out, at places it would flood. What is the ideology that is going to be born out of all such twist and turn that will direc…

दिल को फ़िक्र-ऐ-जिंदगी न रही मैं आखिर क्या करूँ

दिल को फ़िक्र-ऐ-जिंदगी न रही मैं आखिर क्या करूँ 
अक्ल कहती है जवानी का वक़्त ज़ाया ना करूँ 

अब रकीबों के शहर में मैं कभी जाता नहीं 
बे मने दिल से वो कहते हैं के मैं आया करूँ 

क्या अदम से इंजील तक के सफ़र से वाकिफ नहीं
कह रहे हो के नया जोश-ओ-जुनूं पैदा करूँ

बैठा हूँ बज़्म-ऐ-साकी और जाम खाली हो चला
रख के ऊँगली होंठ पे कहता है शिकायत ना करूँ

(First Sunday morning of 2104.)

रकीबों : friends.
अदम: Adam (first man on earth).
इंजील: Bible.
बज़्म-ऐ-साकी: In company of the bartender (second meaning - God).
जाम: glass of wine (second meaning - human body, wine - life/ soul)

Higher Education: A Macro View

TotalUnitSubgroup20012011Literacy rate (age 7+)Per centPersons64.8472.99Literacy rate (age 7+)Per centMales75.2680.89Literacy rate (age 7+)Per centFemales53.6764.64
Literacy Rate, 7+ years. (% of the Total Population in the State) Kerala: 94% Madhya Pradesh: 69.32% Uttar Pradesh: 67.68% Andhra Pradesh: 65.38% Bihar: 61%

Higher Education In India: Challenges and Concerns
As per ILO, India has 116 million people in the age group r 20-24 years (China has 94 million). By 2020, average age will be 29 years. We have 60% of people in the age group of 15-59 years (demographic dividend). 68.8% of Indian population lives in rural areas.
The dropout out rate after school in high in rural areas. Also, rural areas have low Gross Enrolment Rate (GER) in Higher Education as compared to urban areas. Average GER across States in India is nearly 18% (2012). The GER figures for SCs, STs, OBCs, Muslims and Women lie below the National average. In rural areas, the situation is even more adverse.
Also not…