Monday, October 27, 2008


(The wide-spread violence all around the world, leaves God in tears)

A drop of dew on a blade of grass
asked me to lay and look across

So I do, what it say
keep staring, dead I lay
I can't find anything there
except the glitter and a glare

the dew now slowly disappears
making me sad and leaving me in tears
A drop slips down my sad face
now the grass-blade holds it with grace

The tear looks same as the dew I saw
'n' before any conclusion I could draw..
I hear the red skies shout from that height
-"God wept his eyes-out all night"...


Manish said...

this boy from our college days only had a poetic bend and used to love hindi old song ...but now wat i learnt is that he is good in english too .....awsome creativity man.....keep it up!!!

ravinder said...

a good one......heart touching.

चल दोबारा ज़िन्दगी से प्यार कर

तू किसी शोख़ का सिंगार कर रख भी दे ये ख़ामोशी उतार कर तीरगी ये पल में टूट जायेगी  चल दोबारा ज़िन्दगी से प्यार कर एक ही नहीं कई शिकायतें ...