Sunday, October 26, 2008


Stood there, all alone and I was happy
I was exactly what I wanted to be
Someone whispers from behind my shoulders
and asks me to move and lift those heavy boulders
They say that I have got "That" in me
something which great and only they can see

They push me in the battle field
with a sword and a heavy shield
Now I am a warrior and they are happy
but I am not what I wanted to be.....
I am not what I wanted to be....

I was free, with not a single desire
They were the one, who lit the fire
I had to jump in the web of pain
The fire is gone in a single rain

Now I am troubled and am wondering were to go?
There's no one to tell and I don't know
surrounded by these ugly creatures
these haveing deadly features
I'll be stabbed, once I show my back

I am afraid and I am tired
don't know when I'll be fired
give me a hand and pull me out
I need nothing, o' i am sure
my heart was, and is still very pure

Thank you , O' dear CREATOR for your precious gift(life)
but it's now too heavy, and I am unable to lift..
Allow me in, I'm at your door
I would keep my head in your laps...
and finally therein ...I'll collapse

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