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BHARAT-and youth

College life gave me a window, from where I could look around and get a glimpse of the society. Living with students from almost all states of a country like India, is a great experience. The India that I used to see as school kid and the India that I see today have a lot of dissimilarities . As a school student, I was taught, that India is a country where lord Rama goes to the kutiya(hut) of Shabari(a bheel) and eats the fruits served by her (which she tasted before serving.). India is a country where Gautam Budha took birth and spread the message on non-violence and brotherhood throughout the world. The India that I see now is a crowd of young people, fasinated by the developed nation and their technological advancement.

The youth of today(in India) find rock music and western culture more appealing and try to follow that. Most of the Indian youngsters found banging there heads in a rock concert, are hardly aware of what is being played. I am not against western mu…