Friday, June 28, 2013

The Indian Civilization (A Sequel)

When the excavators found the figurine of a bearded man from Harappa they started to make guesses about who that person might have been. Some said he was a high priest while some argued he must have been the king. Everyone agreed that the figure head was that of someone very powerful to the civilization. All this from a head and an embroidered shawl around his shoulders? Well you need to see the contemplative eyes my friends. I present here the picture of the figure I am talking about and you may also feel the same as the archaeologists thought.
I guess several centuries from now when the archaeologists will dig the earth near Delhi and find a picture of Narendra Modi, they will argue on the same lines and conclude the same. 

The irony is that no one will ever know, for anyone’s benefit, who of the two archaeologists stand more close to truth.

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