I am and I just am

Let me write to you O’ Lord my silence
I haven’t heard a word inside my head for a long time now
I think I have forgotten my own voice
And even if I do, I lend no thought on how it was
For I am sure, I don’t like it anymore
O’ Lord what a fool I was to utter those words with such haste
How foolish was when I outpoured a zillion poems
And still could never know, that it wasn’t me writing
I intend to write to you O’ Lord my silence
I breathe and that’s how I know I am
I am silent and that’s how I know you are
All the scriptures, religions, thinkers and saints have fumed away you see
I know no past no future no pain no joy
I am and I just am
Silence O’ Lord is my continuous prayer and a smile – an instant reward
I smile and thus I know I am
And thus I know you are
I wish to write to you O’ Lord my silence - The golden truth
But alas! I know no words, no art and have no skill
I know no audience I know no identity
I just am
And you are
Here my Lord, I present to you my silent soul like a fresh rose petal in your feet
I present you what I am

I wish to write my silence O’ Lord


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