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I regret my wrongs I do in my dreams more than those I do in waking life. For I know I can never get back in the same dream and amend all the mistakes I committed.
Work done so far: Enigma was my first work it is a 17 page long PDF document with five short write-ups(Metamorphosis, And the eunuch danced again, A myth, that lived forever, Mist, Enigma)
Sugandha is another work of mine. Its a compilation of few poems that I have written so far.

A new Project:
-------DUSK------------- Wrote in: October 2013
Writing with a Vision:
Not the best from me but the first complete work. I have left many such projects incomplete. The whole effort was to reach a final conclusion but I do not know if there is any such thing. Before this I wrote "Mist". I have thought of writing atleast five such short stories with each having a one word title (as short as possible) to finally compile them all in one work. Mist was about a teenage boy who worked near Jama Masjid in Delhi and how he experiences God&#…

I saw a white lotus today

I saw a white lotus today..
in a pond..
its petals so fresh with a pinkish shade and droplets of morning dew.. 
I thought of a poem.. but then somethings are best not said in words..
like chirping of birds..
swinging of trees..
like a kid struggling to take his first steps..
and like me smiling at so much that is there in my vision..

I am wanderer...
I am an ever enchanted soul..
I am an enigma..
am and yet I am not "me"

As the morning sun shines through my window
and as I sit quietly under the table lamp..
I think of how life took me by arm
and made me see so much
only to return me back to my study table..

Last time I was headed East..
This time I am looking towards North...
And I know.. I will return back again at the centre..

With memories of flowers I'll see... drops of dew that will drench my soul only to leave me more fragrant and happy..

I wish I could write about all that I have seen.. before time runs out..
And my pen dries..
And before my memory fades into a blank white sheet of silk…

The National Agriculture Development Programme

Post 1990s economic reform, the contribution from agricultural sector to the GDP saw a steep decline. The productivity of agriculture has not seen considerable improvement. Keeping in view that fact that most the Indian population is still dependent on agriculture also, agricultural sector along with allied sectors is crucial for our food security, the NDC envisioned an additional central assistance scheme to incentivise States to take steps and rejuvenate agriculture. The aim was to achieve a 4% growth in agri sector. The projects was allocated Rs. 22, 500 crores during the 11th Five Year Plan period (2007-2012) which is now increased to Rs. 63, 246 crore for the 12th Plan period (2012 - 2014).

Gadgil Panel Report on Western Ghat

"Environment" includes water, air and land and the inter- relationship which exists among and between water, air and land, and human beings, other living creatures, plants, micro-organism and property.
India participated in the United Nations Conference on Human Environment held at Stockholm in 1972.
Post Bhopal gas tragedy the tragedy the Government of India enacted the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986. The legislation gave the Central government the power to demarcate Ecologically Sensitive Zones.
Gadgil Report: The WGEEP was constituted in March 2010 and it submitted its report in March 2011. The report suggested that all of the Western Ghats region should fall under the category of Ecologically Sensitive Zone and demarcated the region in three categories: ESZ1, ESZ2 and ESZ3. The panel prepared a Western Ghats Database (spatially-referenced database) and made it public through a website portal. Factors like biological attributes, biodiversity, habitat richness, productiv…

मैं फिर मणिकर्णिका हो आया

मैं फिर मणिकर्णिका हो आया
आँखों से समंदर रो आया
एक साथ जल रही लाशों में
अपना अज्ञान मैं धो आया मैं फिर मणिकर्णिका हो आया
जलते शरीर पे मौन हूँ मैं
ये सोच रहा के कौन हूँ मैं

है किसकी रचना ये कविता
किस ओर चली जीवन-सरिता चहुँ ओर उधर विस्तार है क्या
कोई तो कहे यह संसार है क्या

भागवद में केशव खूब कही
क्षत्रीय को दे दी आस नयी के अर्जुन से कोई भूल न हो
वर्षों की तपस्या धूल न हो

वो पृथा पुत्र को पार्थ कहा
रिश्ते नातों को स्वार्थ कहा क्या भीष्म-द्रोण क्या अभिमन्यु
जलना ही न हो तो यज्ञ हो क्यूँ है यज्ञ कुंड ये जीवन
हैं टूट रहे सारे बंधन क्या क्या न कहा तुमने केशव
गिरना ही तो है बन कर के शव आँखों में लेकर के नीर यहाँ
आता ही नहीं है वीर यहाँ वो कुरुक्षेत्र ही क्या तुम बोलो
जिसमे कर्ण की ललकार न हो
मृत शैया पर भीष्मा न हो
गांडीव की ठनकार न हो उठते हैं यहाँ गिरने वाले
गिरते हैं यहाँ उठने वाले शकुनी के पासों को देखा
पांचाली के केशों को देखा
देखि जीवन की छाँव धूप
संजय की आखों भागवद स्वरुप अब देख रहा हूँ उगता सूरज
बढ़ते हुए रथों पर ध्वज अब हाथ कांपते हैं मेरे
हाय! ये चिंताओं के घेरे केशव इस बार चले आओ

India's concern at WTO

New Trade Facilitation Deal signed by WTO

The WTO Ministerial Conference (which is the highest decision making body) met at Bali, Indonesia last year to finalize the trade facilitation agreement. The agreement seeks to make trade hassle free and cost efficient. The main concerns that the agreement tries to bring about in world market: clear penal conditions, low paper work, less delays in clearances, low non-tariff barriers among other things. Also, the Services’ Agreement aims at opening services sector for more open competition. The agreement aims at improving co-operation among member nations to bring down impediments on customs side. Other Negotiations: Earlier, the Doha negotiations are still to take final form. Already the deadline date (2005) has been crossed. These negotiations deals with: issues of intellectual property rights, reducing non-tariff barriers (concern raised by developed countries), capacity building and helping the developing and LDCs countries to integrate with…


A brief background Ever since President Victor Yanukovych declined the pro-EU deal in November last year, the opposition has taken to streets. The protests in Kiev have grown increasingly violent and have even led to Yanukovych leaving Ukraine. On one hand Russia has blamed the West for fueling the protests, the West has accused Russia of backing the authoritative rule of Ukraine that has forcefully suppressed voices of dissent. Why Russia cannot do away with Ukraine: The 46 million strong country has been of great geo-political importance to Russia as it provides geographical barriers against external aggression as well as a route to hot water ports of Black sea that is crucial for Russia’s sea trade as its Northern port are not-navigable for most part of the year. What does Ukraine’s loss imply: Ukraine’s shifting towards EU will be a diplomatic as well as economic and geo-srtategic loss to Russia. Earlier Lativa had already joined EU and amidst this shifting sphere of influence, the Russ…