I saw a white lotus today

I saw a white lotus today..
in a pond..
its petals so fresh with a pinkish shade and droplets of morning dew.. 
I thought of a poem.. but then somethings are best not said in words..
like chirping of birds..
swinging of trees..
like a kid struggling to take his first steps..
and like me smiling at so much that is there in my vision..

I am wanderer...
I am an ever enchanted soul..
I am an enigma..
am and yet I am not "me"

As the morning sun shines through my window
and as I sit quietly under the table lamp..
I think of how life took me by arm
and made me see so much
only to return me back to my study table..

Last time I was headed East..
This time I am looking towards North...
And I know.. I will return back again at the centre..

With memories of flowers I'll see... drops of dew that will drench my soul only to leave me more fragrant and happy..

I wish I could write about all that I have seen.. before time runs out..
And my pen dries..
And before my memory fades into a blank white sheet of silk curtain behind my eyes....

I wish.. I say it all.. and be read with love..


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