कसाई घर - मेरा दिल

मेरी निगाहों की कैद से
इक ख्वाब जान छुड़ा के भागा है...
जाने कब जेहन मेरा मुर्गी खाना बना
जाने कब तकदीर ने खंजर थाम लिया


रविकर said…
खूबसूरत प्रस्तुति ||
रविकर said…
since 1985.
in first year u have done ur Electronics Practical with us.

my son has done B Tech from MNNIT, same year. he is in UAE with TCIL.

daughter in TCS
B Tech from NIT DUrga pur.

chalo achchha hai milte raho.
Chakresh said…
Sir I know you very well. I have done practicals and have also given viva to you...i was not able to figure out from your profile pic, as it in not very clear...
I am from the annoying batch of Vivek shahi, rohit rawat, nikhil bansal :P (of your department..). I am basically from Allahabad only. Right now with IBM.

बहुत सुन्दर्।

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