‘People’, ‘society’ and ‘need’

‘People’, ‘society’ and ‘need’ were some of the words that I found difficult to spell in my school days. It’s not that these words were long or difficult to memorize, I was rather scared by their mention. I fond myself so weak. Constantly my conscience kept telling me that I was a unique human being with some great qualities but the real word made me feel my limitations and meaninglessness of my qualities. A poet for instance has no place in the corporate world. A human being with no desires, no passions will be left behind in the competitive world outside. A thinker living below poverty line will never be able to emerge as a great leader and reformer. Well exceptions are always there but that’s also not very encouraging. If I am born in India and I do not belong to Gandhi-Nehru family what are my chances to become the Prime Minister of my country some day? Some of you will start counting the names of Manmohan Singh ji, Atal ji etc. Well I leave this question here and move forward. The point is that I see a lot many flaws in our system. Let it be educational, let it be judicial, political etc. I feel if one believes in oneself and loves oneself then at some point or the other, he/she will break down in front of the rigid system. The passion to think something out of the box and work hard dies out by time. Sincere efforts are rarely noticed and awarded. People are becoming selfish, corrupt and inhumane. Those who are capable of doing something are tending to become indifferent to the society. The needy are wooed by the greedy politicians. The picture in ugly, the truth is bitter. I do not criticize the situation. I accept the facts. But I have changed now, I no longer laugh. I can see the truth in front of me like a devil and see myself as a walking corpse. The soul is silent, the mind is calm, conscience is in some sort of melancholy and there’s a scary silence within. I do not detest anyone, I do not argue with anyone and let them stick to their beliefs. I make myself see a blade of grass for hours and try to find a reason to live in such seemingly tiny things. If I am content with whatever I have why does the ‘people’, the ‘society’ makes me feel the ‘need’ to strive more and long for something more something extra? Why am I judged on the metrics set by others? Why am I an atheist if I do not believe in the form of God you do? Why can’t my set of belief be accepted as my own religion? Will you let me live...o’ my people ..o’ my society? ..............................


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