Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Spiritual in Me

In a dark-cool room with the air full of peaceful gayatri mantra, a hot coffee mug fumes in one hand and under a dim table lamp's light, a book illuminates in another. As the eyes race through the pages line by line, something touches the soul and with a smile the ignorance shatters. Human vanity breaks down as the knowledge seeps in and sinks into the heart as water sinks into the sand.

Wonder when this ignorance became so profound that the mind lost its focus, and got lost with it essence of life itself! Wonder how like a blessing came the strength to break free and return to this silent library full of books closer than friends and more expressive than any soul on earth!

Each sleepless night, converting into poems on the banks of Sangam during morning walks. A silent tale the river tells and its graceful pace leaves me wondering how many years the water flows before we know, we exit in a moment and shall be no more.

The world passes by, and I try to hold no more. I let it go, I let it go...

"What comes in the way of engaging correctly with the world is human vanity ~ Mahabharata"

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